Josef Zky About

big reset (panel)

steal wire and mounting, canvas, laser prints on paper
450 x 720 cm (9:16), steel wire variable
installation view Kunstakademie Duesseldorf

The installation deals with the process and various dimensions of its own creation.

As part of the graduation show "work" the installation was sparked by wonderment what and if so where the space of art might be. Do works of art merely represent or rather embody there own realities? Does art happen and if so where and when and for whom?
The idea was to create a hybrid of a concept, a display and an immersive experience. This was achieved by including selected graphic material from the early development phase into the instal-lation; the six identical versions of this collection could be read and where ultimately reordered individually during the exhibition when visitors sat onto the installation and browsed through the loose sheets of paper. Rendered as prosumers of and by the installation visitors of the studio exhi-bition participated in the inversion of the different realities of the art work.